You will find bellow everything you need to start using Atomes

… but first thing first, before that I need to tell you few important things:

  • The LAMMPS assistant is only partially completed (you can prepare the Atom/DATA file to describe the atomistic model but not yet set-up calculations), and the QM-MM assistants are not entirely functional yet, in both cases I deactivated interaction to avoid to crash the program, but as written on the menu buttons, will be ready “Soon” … as a matter of fact I am working on it as you read this.

  • You know how it goes with programming, sometimes you’ve got bugs, and bugs are itchy, I will be happy to relieve you from that unpleasant feeling, just let me know where the problem is !

Atomes sources are hosted on Github, the easiest way to report a bug is to open a new issue on Atomes Github repository

To do that simply follow this link: report a bug

Latest version available: 1.1.10

Atomes binaries

Linux – Custom build

Download the archive, open it, and read the “README.txt” !

OS Download link
Fedora 36 Fedora 36
Ubuntu 22.04.LTS Ubuntu 22.04.LTS
Ubuntu 20.04.LTS Ubuntu 20.04.LTS
Debian 11 Debian 11
Linux Mint 21 Linux Mint 21
CentOS Stream 8 CentOS Stream 8

Linux – Installation packages

OS Download link
Fedora 36 rpm file (non official) Fedora 36 RPM
Debian 11 deb file (non official) Debian 11 package


OS Download link
Windows 10 Windows 10


You can find everything you need on Github: