You will find bellow everything you need to start using Atomes

… but first thing first, before that I need to tell you few important things:

  • The LAMMPS assistant is only partially completed (you can prepare the Atom/DATA file to describe the atomistic model but not yet set-up calculations), and the QM-MM assistants are not entirely functional yet, in both cases I deactivated interaction to avoid to crash the program, but as written on the menu buttons, will be ready “Soon” … as a matter of fact I am working on it as you read this.

  • You know how it goes with programming, sometimes you’ve got bugs, and bugs are itchy, I will be happy to relieve you from that unpleasant feeling, just let me know where the problem is !

Atomes sources are hosted on Github, the easiest way to report a bug is to open a new issue on Atomes Github repository

To do that simply follow this link: report a bug

Latest version available:


Atomes binaries

Linux – Installation packages

OS Download link
Fedora Linux Official RPM Browse your favorite software store and search for atomes, or simply open the terminal and use:

sudo dnf install atomes

Debian Linux Official DEB Browse your favorite software store and search for atomes, or simply open the terminal and use:

sudo apt install atomes

Fedora 38 custom RPM file

Fedora 38 RPM
Debian 12 custom deb files:
Debian 12 atomes package
Debian 12 atomes-data package
Debian 11 custom deb files:
Debian 11 atomes package
Debian 11 atomes-data package

Linux – Custom builds

Download the archive, open it, and read the “README.txt” !

OS Download link
Fedora 38 Fedora 38
Ubuntu 22.04.LTS Ubuntu 22.04.LTS
Debian 12 Debian 12
Debian 11 Debian 11
Linux Mint 21 Linux Mint 21
CentOS Stream 8 CentOS Stream 8


OS Download link
Windows 10 (all dependencies) Windows 10
Windows (without Windows 10 related dependencies) Windows


You can find everything you need on Github:

Atomes sources – GNU tarball:
Atomes sources GNU – Github repository:
Atomes sources – Github repository:
Atomes packages:

RPM sources
DEB sources
Flatpak sources
Appimage sources
Atomes documentation:
Atomes source code documentation: